4 myths about working in digital

By May 2, 2016 Latest News

For those who work in the digital industries, the stereotypes of being part of a “boy’s club”, a “geek” or someone who just “plays on Facebook” all day are all too familiar.

If you’re thinking about beginning a career in digital, don’t let the naysayers pull the wool over your eyes.

Here are four popular myths about working in digital that really get our goat. No kidding!

  • You must to be able to code

While being fluent in the likes of HTML, Java or Ruby is necessary – if you work in some digital marketing and development roles – a career in digital doesn’t automatically mean sitting in front of a computer all day looking at a screen straight out of The Matrix.

  • You’ll never have enough work because there aren’t enough jobs

Thankfully digital is one of the few markets where exponential growth is guaranteed over the next few years.

Due to a variety of technological trends such as the growing importance of cyber security and new applications of social media, the government estimates that by 2020 the current digital workforce will need to double in size to support the growth of the sector.

  • You can dress like a slob

Because you’re not in a corporate environment you can let it all hang out and roll straight out of bed and into work, right? Unfortunately no, not really!

While most small businesses and tech companies will have a more relaxed dress code, than say a law firm, the myth that you’ll be working in a young, hip and trendy start-up with no rules is poppycock. Nowadays, digital roles are prevalent within most organisations.

  • Your job could disappear overnight

If you’ve ever worked in digital, you’ll be familiar with concern from friends and family that generally goes something like; “what if someone pulled the plug on the internet, your career would be over. You should get a proper job!”.

While such comments are no doubt intended to be helpful, the digital workforce can rest assured that the internet isn’t going anywhere. In fact, thanks to the digital revolution that’s underway in the UK, there’s high demand for digital skills – a trend that’s only predicted to increase.

Work in digital? Get in touch and tell us what myths and stereotypes you think give our industry a baaaaad rap.