Digital recruitment – art or science?

By May 2, 2016 Latest News

To successfully match a digital candidate with a role, a specialist recruiter has to bring a variety of skills to the table in the same way that they would advise their candidates to demonstrate both their technical knowledge and personality in interview.

The classic battle of the left brain versus the right brain, the formula for successful digital recruitment is a blend of art and science.


The art  

Utilising skills acquired by experience and observation, an artistic approach to recruitment is primarily creative, and emotionally driven.

  • Passion

A specialist recruiter has to be highly passionate and motivated when it comes to their field. What sets good recruiters apart is their passion for people and a genuine desire to help candidates and businesses find the right match.

  • Sales

Whether it’s championing candidates, roles or organisations, a key element of recruitment is being able to sell the benefits to each party. Specialist recruiters also need to be good at marketing themselves and networking.

  • Intuition

With relationship building a key part of placing the right candidate into a role, recruiters have to be able to go with their intuition and be good at reading others’ emotions.


The science  

With a stronger basis in fact, the science behind recruitment draws upon logic and analytical thinking to achieve clear results.

  • Technological knowledge

In a highly specialised environment such as digital, recruiters need to be able to get down to the nitty gritty of the skills and requirements involved in placing candidates. A strong grasp of the market, trends and innovations is a must.

  • People management

A nicer way of saying logistics, recruiters are often responsible for several clients and candidates at once, and have the responsibility of keeping everyone organised and motivated throughout the recruitment process.

  • Data

In order for recruiters to keep pace with the latest industry trends and understand the requirements of their clients, they need to be comfortable obtaining data, analysing it and making recommendations based on their findings.

In addition to artistic flair and scientific rationale, specialist digital recruiters also need to have a variety of softer skills in their repertoire.

From being good listeners who are committed to finding the right match, through to being trustworthy people champions, successful specialist digital recruiters use a unique combination of skills.

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