Let’s get digital

By May 2, 2016 Latest News

Borrowing from Olivia Newton John’s 1981 hit single Physical, 25 years on and Let’s get digital could be the anthem for a new tech-savvy generation.

So topical is the phrase “let’s get digital”, businesses up and down the country are scrambling to hire the latest digital talents in order to maintain competitive advantage.

From IT, programming, marketing and advertising, through to software, web, games and multimedia development – digital skills are in high demand.

Hailed by the Tech Partnership as a “booming” industry, the UK’s digital economy is said to be key to economic growth, with new innovations benefitting every sector with improved productivity, performance and profitability.

With approximately 1.46 million Brits employed in digital roles, the market is estimated to grow at a rate of 5.4% by 2020.

Yet in spite of all the hype, the UK’s suffering from a “significant skills shortage” that will see an extra “1.4m digital professionals needed over the next five years”.

A January 2016 government report found that as demand for digital skills outstrips supply, employers across a wider range of sectors are experiencing digital skill gaps within their workforce.

While this is causing difficulties in filling advertised vacancies, “rapid technological advances” are believed to be contributing to skills gaps amongst the existing workforce, with concerns surrounding “the ability of the education system to supply the quantity and quality of workers needed for digital roles”.

According the government’s report, significant technological trends will continue to emerge including: strong growth in demand for technology from across the economy; the growing importance of cyber security; the convergence of content across platforms; mobile and cloud computing; big data and analytics; the automation of routine tasks; new applications of social media; and new business models and collaborative platforms.

Music to the ears of the digitally ambitious, who with the right blend of skills can take their pick of the best roles, it’s surprising that more people aren’t seeking the excitement and rewards a career in digital offers.

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