Recruiting a digital specialist? You need specialist help!

By May 2, 2016 Latest News

As there are no standardised qualifications or skills for digital roles, there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to the recruitment of digital professionals.

This creates many challenges for hiring managers and traditional recruiters who aren’t familiar with the nuances of the digital jobs market.

Without the network of contacts and industry knowledge of a digital recruitment specialist, there are four key barriers businesses may face in the recruitment and retention of digital staff.

  • Lack of understanding

When the responsibility of recruiting a digital specialist falls into the wrong hands chaos can ensue.

From failure to understand the requirements of the role and how it impacts the business, to being bamboozled by buzz words, and confused by technical terminology, if the recruiter doesn’t understand what’s going on, qualifying candidates becomes nigh on impossible.

  • Lack of candidates

With more jobs than there are digital specialists fast becoming a trend across Europe, finding prospective employees can be a challenge.

According to Jeroen Lenaers, MEP and member of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, “up to 900,000 jobs in the digital sector could remain unoccupied by 2020 due to the workforce’s lack of digital skills”.

  • Lack of compatible skills

In addition to a general shortfall of candidates, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to find digital staff that exhibit key personal attributes in addition to proven technical ability.

  • Lack of confidence in reskilling

Many businesses that know they have to develop their digital offering to remain competitive, but are hesitant about the digital readiness of existing staff.

2015 research from Accenture found that 44% of business leaders attribute a lack of digital skills as a key barrier to transformation. A message that is supported by a January 2016 government study, which confirmed rapid technological advances are contributing to skills gaps amongst the existing workforce, to meet the skills gap organisations must be prepared to reskill and retool their staff.

How can businesses overcome these challenges?

By partnering with a specialist digital recruitment consultant, businesses can create a long-term recruitment strategy that will address and overcome these common challenges.

Working together to identify the digital knowledge gaps and growth opportunities within the business, a digital recruitment specialist will play a pivotal role in attracting and vetting high caliber talent.

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