The benefits of an agile recruitment strategy

By May 2, 2016 Latest News

The benefits of an agile recruitment strategy

A flexible, responsive and more collaborative way of getting something done, agile working methodologies have many advantages when applied to digital specialisms such as software development.

A philosophy that’s gaining traction for its ability to minimise risk and increase efficiency, the principals of agile working are easily transferable to recruitment and other sectors.

Popularised by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries’ 2011 book The Lean Startup, adopting an agile and lean mentality allows businesses to focus on quality over quantity while working smarter, instead of harder.

In an industry that’s solely driven by profit, and where traditional processes and systems are outdated, The Lean Startup’s goal to “move through the build-measure-learn feedback loop as quickly as possible” has many benefits when applied to recruitment.

  • Strategic thinking

By thinking about what the long-term objectives are for both the job role and wider business unit, organisations can make more strategic hires that will go the distance.

If businesses can focus on the essential requirements and define clear targets and goals, they will waste less resource, time and money while still achieving the desired results.

  • Collaboration

In the collaborative process of recruitment, the recruiter will learn about the business, its culture, team and core skills gap.

Once goals have been identified, the recruiter and business will work collaboratively and proactively to find the best candidate for the position.

  • Speed

Eliminating bureaucracy, administration and a “wait and see” attitude, the principles of “ fast and continual learning” can be applied to recruitment.

Where there is a high volume of candidates or a fast hire is need for an interim role, for example, lean and agile working processes can help a recruiter work with greater speed and efficiency.

  • Flexibility and continued learning

Agile recruitment involves a setup whereby the recruiter is in regular contact with the business for feedback and input at every stage of the process.

This approach ensures unknown requirements and learnings are captured early, while allowing for any changes to be built into the strategy.

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