5 benefits of hiring a specialist digital recruitment consultant

By October 1, 2018 Latest News

It’s no secret that there’s a digital skills gap in the UK, and that highly trained staff are hard to come by. Conservative estimates by the government’s Commons science and technology committee show that some 12 million adults lack basic digital knowledge. And as a result, it places the loss in income to be as much as £63bn each year.

Currently 1.46 million Brits are employed in digital roles such as E-Commerce, PPC, SEO and development; with the market estimated to grow at a rate of 5.4% by 2020. The latest Commons figures show that the UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017 to keep up with demand.

Significant technological trends continue to emerge including: strong growth in demand for technology from across the economy; the growing importance of cyber security; the convergence of content across platforms; mobile and cloud computing; big data and analytics; the automation of routine tasks; new applications of social media; and new business models and collaborative platforms.

With businesses up and down the country already citing an absence of experienced candidates as a main reason for lack of growth, the impact of the digital skills shortage has the potential to be huge.

In a climate where the skills pool is small and it’s a jobseeker’s market, increasingly businesses are turning towards specialist digital recruitment consultants for insider help.

Here are five key benefits of working with a specialist recruiter.

  1. Industry savvy

In an industry as diverse as digital, and with the variety of roles it encompasses, a specialist recruiter will have an in-depth understanding of the market and it’s intricacies that agency and in-house recruiters won’t.

A specialist recruitment consultant will know the latest trends and emerging skills while being able to recommend the best strategic recruitment approaches. They’ll also know what your competitors are doing and where to source the best talent.

  1. Technical knowledge

As there are no standardised qualifications or skills for digital roles, there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to the recruitment of digital professionals. This creates many challenges for hiring managers and traditional recruiters who aren’t familiar with the nuances of the digital jobs market.

From failure to understand the requirements of the role and how it impacts the business, to being confused by buzz words and technical terminology – it’s crucial that a recruiter understands the role inside out in order to accurately qualify candidates. Working with a specialist consultant will save businesses a lot of hassle, time and money, in addition to freeing up internal resources.

  1. A ready-made network

Working with a business to identify the digital knowledge gaps and growth opportunities within the organisaton, a digital recruitment specialist will play a pivotal role in attracting and vetting high caliber talent.

With a wide reach and a large network of contacts in their chosen area of expertise it’s likely a digital recruitment specialist will have worked on both sides of the equation. Whether in specialist digital roles themselves or as hiring managers, a specialist recruiter will have access to candidates who are looking to move, those who aren’t yet looking and those who don’t even know they want to move.

  1. Discretion

Hiring a new employee can be a long and drawn out process, with some senior digital roles taking upwards of six months to fill. For this reason it’s not unusual for candidates and employers to want to keep their recruitment activity on a need-to-know basis. Where a consultant specialises in headhunting services discretion and confidentiality are especially important throughout the process.

When working with a specialist recruiter the cone of silence is much smaller than it would be when working with a big recruitment agency. And, with a wider industry network at their disposal, it’s possible that no advertising will be needed to find the right candidate – helping to keep the job search as discreet as possible.

  1. Relationship building

Working one-on-one with a specialist recruitment consultant allows a business to build trust with a key contact who can continue to help them source high caliber staff for several years. After working in partnership on the first hire, a digital recruitment consultant will have a good feel for the company’s objectives and the requirements for its digital team, greatly simplifying the process next time round.

By thinking about what the long-term objectives are for both the job role and wider business unit, organisations can make more strategic hires. Helping to future-proof the digital needs of a business, a specialist digital recruiter can effect real change and help businesses source the right person to lead transformation in their business.

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